Bergalm Hiking Trip

This Thursday we started for a family hiking trip to the Bergalm located 25km from our home. We planned to reside at the Neureith house for 2 nights and do some hiking there. The trip was planned only with bicycle and walking, no car. First day with arrival was nice weather and everything went perfectly, though it took some time with breaks every now and then. With my Alfine 8-speed setup in the big dummy some uphills were not extremely comfortable to ride with all the baggage and the little co-rider, but I was surprised I did it. There was some lack of tire traction at steep gravel climbs and the wideloader I had mounted for transporting our big and heavy hiking boots hit the ground several times when balancing through the rocks, but no problems so far. When reaching our target, the Neureith house, our friends who had been starting from the opposite side of the ridge had not yet arrived. They were walking up the Bergalm with their 3 kids. I got rid of our baggage, rode down the south side to meet them and got some big and heavy back pack up to the house for them.
At the second day it started to rain heavily and did not stop until we left on third day. We went down the route we had taken up there on first day, this time riding through a muddy ditch on slippy rocks, but again, no problems apart from getting wet and cold (very sorry I did not take any pictures at our departure).
Check gallery below for some more comments on this trip, that we enjoyed even though the weather went very bad.

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