Big Dummy 2009, Coffee Ride

Our espresso machine needed service and I had to get it back from the shop after one week without it. No problem about. First Big Dummy ride in 2009, 45km, 500 meters of elevation: what a pleasure after sticking with our studded winter MTB for some months, even with this heavy block of steel strapped to the wideloader. Once more the Big Dummy proved great riding convenience.

Big Dummy first ride 2009, hauling espresso machine
Big Dummy first ride 2009, hauling an espresso machine

Also, this was my launch ride for the new SON 20R front wheel and my new Snafu Knob Job tires. I perfectly like those tires. Low rolling resistance, ready for riding paved roads smoothly, even long distances, but also with some offroad capabilities. Due to tread pattern there is slight oscillation one can feel at the handlebar. A light humming sound reminding me of some low tuned distant singing bowl. Looks good so far, everything. I keep on liking this bicycle, totally.

Espresso machine operational after ride
Big Dummy first ride 2009, espresso machine survived ride

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